Keeping Busy During Quarantine —Am I Doing This Right?

Guess who owns a pink non-medial mask and is eating her words about coronavirus? This girl! All jokes aside, I was very wrong. But I trust that y’all are smart readers who knew better than to trust a pink-haired blogger over the World Health Organization.

Now that my crow has been eaten, I come to you with some of the things that are helping me maintain my sanity in an insane world that means I can’t drink margaritas on a restaurant patio, I’m making significantly less money and I spend more time with my roommate’s lizard than any other human. Here are just a few things I do to pass the time, make an extra buck or simply keep my hands/eyes/brain busy.

  • Journaling. If high school AP history taught me anything it’s that the journals of everyday people are some of the best historical resources we have. And because I’m acutely aware that we’re living through a ~time~, I’m gunning to be on some sophomore’s AP exam in forty years.
  • Tiger King. I watched it and now I can share memes about it. Win-win.
  • Postmates. I’m an official member of the Postmates Fleet, making deliveries and listening to podcasts while I drive all over the Las Vegas valley.
  • Trashy reality shows. I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, both Lifetime and Bravo. They’ve given us Married at First Sight, Arranged, Marrying Millions, Family Karma and all of the Real Housewives. We need them in these trying times.
  • Instagram. Let’s be honest, we’re all spending too much time on social media during our lockdown. Might as well engage with enjoyable content instead of the depressing-ass news. Shoutout to the #savagechallenge, #dontrushchallenge, any type of “bingo” and all the creators who keep giving us that good-good content.
  • Driving. I know it’s not the most eco-friendly. But sometimes I gotta get out of the house and be in control of some machinery to feel like I have any sort of grip on this whole situation.
  • Going to parks. Sometimes I even journal while sitting next to a creek or a pond in a park. Coronavirus has me on my transcendentalism shit.

Please tell me the ways you’re holding onto sanity these days. I could use some tips and tricks. Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Auntie says:

    I create. I love to paint, draw, refresh rooms around my house and lately bake.


  2. Doreatha Wilson says:

    Great article B. Dye!! I too am journaling more. I have been working from home since 3/17. I try to get a routine. I shower every morning and get dressed to walk to office at the kitchen table. Would you believe I am late some days.
    Meditation is something else I’ve been experimenting with. And like you, I go for long drives. All of your ideas are very helpful . Thanks for sharing.


  3. Robert E Taylor says:

    Hi Ms. Brandi.
    I found your blog to be very insightful and humbling. I really appreciate your candid remarks, very refreshing. I think Covid 19 reality has made us all a believer and has humbled us as well.

    I to struggle with finding things to do. I am a Banker and considered essential so I still take that risk everyday at work. My challenges is finding something to after work.

    My daughter is out of school & it’s really nice to have that quality time together. I take long walks by the lake and it allows me to depress. I find myself recording TV shows more than usual. Thank goodness for Skype, it’s been essential to me connecting with love ones and makes feel like I’m socializing.

    Well enough of my soap box. We’re all bored but we will prevail as a country. My heart goes out to those family seriously effected. Thank you for your down to earth and candid blogs.


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