Not Caring in 2020 — Am I Doing This Right?

Hi, friends! It’s been too long. I’ve taken an almost-accidental six month hiatus and you’re probably expecting a “new year, new me” positive vibe. Nope. I don’t got it.

On a large scale, the world kinda fucking sucks. Basically anyone with consistent access to the news is overwhelmed by how terrible things seem to be and how much we, as good, woke, people, are supposed to care about every issue. Thanks to an episode of Patriot Act, I know that this feeling, the exhaustion of caring about everything that’s wrong in the world is called compassion fatigue. Humans just weren’t meant to take in this much information, nor do we have the emotional capacity to act on all of it.

That’s why this year, I’m setting some boundaries. I can’t care about every issue. None of us can. Inspired by Hasan Minhaj’s list of things he’s letting other people worry about in 2020, I made my own. I might lose my status as a #wokebae but I think my sanity is worth it. Here are the things I’m not worrying about in 2020:

The threat of nuclear war

I know this is a big one. But me worrying about whether or not today is the day Tangerine Mussolini decides to piss North Korea all the way off isn’t going to change the outcome. I can’t let it raise my pressure.

Cultural appropriation

I’ll be the first to admit that I should care. It’s not fair that the hairstyles little black girls get made fun of for are the same ones that are “fashion” on Gigi Hadid. I get it. But so many people and brands refuse to get the memo. And I can’t get up in arms about every Gucci, Kardashian or Jeffree Star. So, in 2020 I’m just gonna let other people worry about it.

Awards shows ignoring people of color

If the Academy wants to ignore J.Lo and Awkwafina it’s their loss (this is a little late now that awards show season is mostly over).


The odds of me (and probably you) contracting coronavirus are so low. The odds of dying from it are even lower. I’m not stressed. Also, if you didn’t get a flu shot but are worried about coronavirus, you’re doing things wrong.

*I this is not to say I don’t care about people being racist and prejudiced towards Asians, using coronavirus as a half-assed excuse. Don’t do that shit.

What things are you not caring about this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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