Keeping It Creative –Am I Doing This Right?

It’s not a secret: I like words. I love writing. I am a writer. I pay my bills by putting words on a screen and I am never not grateful for that. But, sometimes, I wish I had a little creativity leftover by the end of the day to work on things I’m more passionate about.

I truly enjoy going into work. But the topics I write to are all super business-y. That’s not where my heart lies. Regardless, most days I get to pump my creative juices all day long. Which is a good thing. But, as any ~artiste~ will tell you, channeling creativity into productivity can be pretty exhausting.

On any given day I will have a great idea for a blog post, or a magazine pitch, or a sitcom premise, or even a podcast. I jot them down on sticky notes and tuck them in my purse for safe keeping. By the time I’m finally home and dealing with the little pieces of paper at the bottom of my purse, the last thing I want to do is open up another blank Word document. It feels like I use up all of my creativity at the office and have none leftover for myself.

It amazes me that my peers are just out here having side hustles like the main hustles aren’t tiring. I want to get to that level, but I honestly don’t know how. Some people get up early and work on their passion projects before the day starts. I suppose it’s possible but it doesn’t seem likely for me. On a good day I wake up at 7 and my brain isn’t on until at least 9. Maybe the problem is that my creative outlet is literally the same as my office job. But writing is pretty much the only thing I like.

I’m currently just a little paranoid that my creative juices will dry up if I don’t pour some of them into the things that excite me. So help me out. How do (or did) you guys maintain creativity while grinding it out a day job? Let me know in the comments below!

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