I’m Baaaaaack. — Am I Doing This Right?

Hi party peeps. I’m officially back from my blogging hiatus. Although, I suppose I shouldn’t say “official.” I don’t know if I’m back to weekly blogging, or if it’ll be more often or less frequent. What I do know is that my debit card was just charged for this domain name, so here I am.

I feel like I should give a teensy weensy explanation of why my blogging game fell off. There were two main reasons: I got a full-time job (yay) and I lost my goddamn mind (yikes). Y’all already know about the job, but the mind-losing is a little too dramatic for a blog post. The gist of it is I let my anxiety get to an all-time high, thus my overall mental health hit an all-time low.

I had to take sometime to wrangle my brain and now there is a whole host of things that keep me on the rails. Therapy, meditation, CBD, medication, etc. I’m doing it all. Honestly, I’m hesitant to admit to the entire internet that I have to take psychiatric meds. But that fear is proof of the stigma I want to erase.

This is by no means a mental health hero story and this blog is not going to be some self-care guide. I’m still a hot mess. Now, it’s just manageable.

My blog will continue to be a space where I share my post-grad struggles in a way that is humorous and hopefully relatable. And now that my brain is under control, my Vegas life is fuller than ever, meaning I have more questions than ever.

I’m trying to be good at my job, listen to my therapist, date, engage with my family, check in with my friends, eat vegetables, and drink water ­— all while paying my student loans on time. It’s a lot. But I’m actually enjoying the juggling act — it means I have things in my life to juggle. Not to say the strugs aren’t there but, I’m learning tips to help me handle it.

I know I just promised this blog wouldn’t become a mental health guide, but fuck it. I have a handy-dandy self-care tip from my favorite podcast, The Read: treat yourself as if you are parenting you. For example, you know your mom would not let six-year-old you spend the day in bed eating Cheez Its. So don’t let yourself do it now.

I am not, in any way, saying this is easy, or even something I always remember to do. But it does help me fight the Sunday Scaries and get me to eat green things a few times a week.

I’m gonna leave at that.

I’ll be back on my blogging shit in the near future. I don’t know when, exactly, but it’ll be soon. But, as always, I have a question for you: what mental health advice do you actually follow and does it actually help? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Charlene says:

    When I’m feeling stressed or anxious I write down three things that I can do to solve or reduce my stress and I do some type of art. I paint , reupholster, create something or something with my hands.


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