A Crappy Day —Am I Doing This Right?

I’ve read lots of inspirational Pinterest quotes that remind me that a few bad incidents do not make for a bad day. Bump that noise. Some events suck so bad they taint the whole day. That’s life. The unexpected blows are the worst. Can I rant a bout my crappy day for a quick sec? Thanks.

Honestly only two bad things happened to me. But it still sucked. I had a date cancel on me. Which I know is a thing because life happens. But how often do “things come up” 45 minutes before a date? I am also fully aware that 45 minutes is plenty of time to cancel, but in defense of my bellyaching, if I was the type of person who was generally on time, I would have already been dressed and putting on make up to make it across town on time. Honestly, this cancellation made me feel sorry for myself and awakened a plethora of irrational anxieties. So I went to Popeyes and stress-ate delicious fried things.

After snackies, I helped my roommate pot some new plants. We now have lots of lovely green things in our living room and playing in dirt is def therapeutic. But then dumb ol’ me had to have an idea. I spent my entire day not cleaning my room. I even watched three episodes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo for inspo. It didn’t work. But I had a genius idea: I would shoot a time lapse of me cleaning my room and put it on the blog in a post about organizing.

So I have/had a picture frame/shelf as part of a photo gallery wall that I was placing my phone on to get a full shot of my entire room. I decided to test the angles tonight, and on the fifth-ish test, my shelf said “nah” and it fell off of the wall, taking three other frames with it, and knocking lots of things off of my dresser, including my lamp. The lampshade popped off on impact. I was then very stressed/angry and decided to take some time away from my bedroom. I returned 7-ish minutes later to find a hole. In the floor. The light bulb had burned a hole in my carpet. But I didn’t smell it until I was in my room and the smoke detector (which is directly above the hole) did not go off. And I know it works because it went off earlier in the day from something all the way in the kitchen. So now I have a hole. And my room smells like an overheated hot glue gun. And I get to have a super fun chat with the staff of the leasing office. I’m not currently in a space to even think about the financial brutality headed my way.


It was a rough day. And I’m not feeling great about it. But the world keeps turning; I just have to figure out a way to deal. How about you guys? What do you do when you are just having a crappy day? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Solea says:

    I love you. That is quite a not so good day and I am sorry. But adding fried chicken into your day was quite the right direction to make it better. Just keep on, keepin’ on ❤


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