New Year’s Resolutions—Am I Doing This Right?

‘Tis the season…for New Year’s resolutions. Generally, I’m not the resolution type. My method of self-improvement usually involves a little berating, followed by a rousing pep talk, both administered by me. But 2018 has been a doozy. I traveled to Thailand, was almost killed by my PR capstone, contentiously ended one of the most significant friendships of my life, graduated college, moved home (for three whole weeks), moved to Las Vegas, started a new job, moved into an apartment with a high school friend plus her Doberman, quit my cushy corporate job, and started attempting to pay my bills with freelance work, all while dancing with my anxiety/depression. So. Yeah. It’s been a big year. And there were a lot of good moments. But it was cray-cray. In 2019 I need to reach some sort of equilibrium between stability/responsibility and fun, new experiences.

So I’ve set some goals for myself to accomplish in the New Year. If I complete all 13, I will be more adventurous, less broke, and know how to bake bread from scratch.

I’m not going to share the full list here. I love you but I don’t need you ALL keeping me accountable; I have a designated friend for that (thanks, Margarita). But I’ll let you in on goal #13: blog every week! So keep your eyes peeled weekly for new Am I Doing This Right? posts in 2019 or follow to get notified via email when I post. Because I know I will have plenty of questions and mishaps throughout the next year.

What about you? Are you into New Year’s resolutions? What’s on your list? Who keeps you accountable? Comment below to let me know!

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  1. Doe Wilson says:

    I no longer do the resolution thing as I fail horribly EVERTIME!! Plus I have a wonderful friend who would definitely “beat me with a stick” once I got off track. (I won’t mention any names😃) . I just try to improve upon what I was trying to improve upon the previous year. Keep being you and try to a better you. If that’s even possible… Great job!!


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