Gratitude List— Am I Doing This Right?

Below, is a list of things that make me realize my life is not that bad. It doesn’t include the big stuff like my health and my loving family. These are the little realizations that make me feel good about moving to Las Vegas:

  • I’ve never had easier access to tacos.
  • My parents can (and do) come visit me.
  • I can get a pedicure at any hour.
  • I have people to do Instagrammable fall activities with.
  • My roommate is an amazing Target addict who comes home with things like Xboxes and robot vacuums.
  • I’m on the list for the hottest club in Vegas during Halloween weekend (a top 3 party weekend).
  • As cheesy as it sounds, I can never be mad when I catch a glimpse of the Strip. It’s constantly mesmerizing.
  • I live with a dog who serves as an alarm clock each morning.
  • My apartment is so cute.
  • I have beautiful cast iron skillets and can make bomb fried chicken (yea, you can turn almond milk into buttermilk).
  • God bless the 99 Cent Store.
  • I’ve spent multiple afternoons reading novels in a hammock, underneath blue skies and palm trees, which is too good to feel like real life.
  • My roommate lets me use her Netflix account.

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  1. Deborah Douglas says:

    All blessings, big and small, God provides them all. Don’t despise small beginnings. All add up to fulfillment of divine purpose. Be blessed beautiful


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