Hi, I’m Brandi.

Brandi A. Dye

I study both Public Relations and Magazine Journalism at Drake University in Des Moines, IA.  There are exciting ways to make both of those disciplines coexist. I want to write, talk, and generally communicate with lots of people. Coincidentally, I am pretty good at those things. A lot of my time is spent writing, tweeting, and yelling at reality television. The writing is my passion. The tweeting is for fun. The yelling is just who I am.

During my time at Drake, I have been involved with multiple student publications. I have been a contributor and advice columnist for the Times-Delphic, our newspaper. I have written for the online version of Drake Magazine, which is a student-created biannual magazine. And I am now a section editor for The Annual, a yearly student created magazine.

My first job was at a McDonald’s in my hometown but that is not relevant (unless you want to know the secret for getting the freshest fries). My next job was as a student caller for Drake, asking alumni for money. So I am really good at getting yelled at. My first internship was as the Communications and Fundraising Intern at the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault. I learned a lot at IowaCASA, about non-profit communications, about working in an office, about working in human services. After my internship at IowaCASA, I began working as an Editorial Assistant at Meredith Corporation, specifically for Midwest Living magazine. My position involves a lot of calling businesses and fact checking (my skill for getting yelled at on the phone comes in handy). I also work on adding content to the Midwest Living website.

I am always excited for new career opportunities, so feel free to reach out! Worst case scenario, we become besties who go get burritos together; best case scenario we become colleagues.


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